Different Video Baby Monitors – What You Should Know

Baby monitors are essentially designed to ensure that babies get enough rest and sleep; however, not all baby monitors use the same technology. Some utilize the use of a video camera to catch baby’s every movement, while others are more advanced, capable of recording sound and video. There are also some that have a touch screen for easy monitoring, which makes the process of watching a baby monitor much easier. In this article, we will be looking at some of these types of baby monitor.


Most baby monitors used today come with a single purpose – to give parents peace of mind, especially when first-time parents. These are basically the most common baby monitors on the market and are widely available. All of the monitors reviewed here broadcast both video and audio, allowing parents to keep an eye on their baby, even if they cannot hear the baby’s sounds because it is asleep. They usually have audio in low volume and video at medium, which makes them more comfortable to use while sleeping. Some even let parents see pictures of their babies via a live feed and even have the ability to play music to calm them down in between naps. All of the above features are meant to make parents more relaxed because they have a better sense of control over their baby and allow them to do other things while their baby sleeps.


There are many other features in video baby monitors that make them different from other products in the market. While most have only a single channel, some of them offer two or three. This allows parents to use the channel that is best suited for their baby, whether it is video or audio. It is also important that parents are able to adjust the sound volume for their baby so as not to disturb him or her too much. Also check Best Baby Monitor 2020 and Best Baby Walkers 2020.

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