How To Make HD Voice Calls, Video Calls from 2G, 3G, 4G Smartphone with Jiofi?

If you want to make HD Voice Calls, Video Calls from your Jio Phones, this article is for you. The Jio network provides a unique advantage over other networks in the market. This Jio phone makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of HD Voice, Video Calls and Free to Air Multimedia.

About Jio Network

The Jio network can be one of the best phone plans that offers all the services you need to enjoy. You will find some features that come standard on all phones. But there are additional features that come as add-ons or you can even get them for free.

JioFi is a high-end network service provider. Their network service comes in two ways – through the internet and through the telephone network. This article describes the latter.

Jio is a telecom company with a wide geographical area in India. They are one of the largest telecom providers in the world. Jio has branches in all parts of India – Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and others. Jio network is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.

The company was established in 2020 and started operations in India only two years later. Jio was originally launched to offer a high-speed mobile phone service. Jio phones were designed with a single aim in mind – to provide its subscribers with an exclusive and best in class communication experience. The service was initially developed and launched in a single state, namely Maharashtra, but after some time the service spread to other states as well. In a single year, Jio had become one of the most renowned mobile phone service providers in India.

Today, Jio phones are available in a number of different models with many features and applications. The Jio network offers a range of handsets, which include:

There are also several plans available from Jio. There are basic, triple play and the deluxe packages. The basic Jio phone plan has a maximum of 100 minutes talk time, while the triple-play plan has three additional minutes for talk time and an unlimited talk time.

The service is available across the board.

Let me share with you how to make HD voice calls, video calls from 2g, 3g, 4g smartphone with Jio. This is the best feature offered by this network. Here I am going to show you some of the best ways on how to make video calls from Jio and this is the only network that comes with a high quality.You will be amazed to know that Jio phone comes with a feature called High Definition Video calling. This is a revolutionary feature provided by the network to its users. The high definition video feature will help you watch your favorite videos with high quality in HD resolution. Follow the steps below to install Jio4GVoice.

Steps To setup and installation Jio4GVoice

  1. First connect your smartphone to JioFi MiFi portable hotspot using Wi-Fi.
  2. Next, head over to Google Play Store and download the MyJio and Jio4GVoice app.
  3. Last but not the least, open MyJio app, where you will get an option to sign in or sign up and you are good to go. Make unlimited calls and video conferencing with Jio. You can also click on jiofi.local.html dashboard to know how to configure your device.

High Defination Videos With Jio

You can easily download high definition videos from Jio and watch them anytime and anywhere. You will also enjoy the benefits of HD Voice Calling, where the person on the other end of your call has no problem hearing you clearly. These high-definition features of your phone will make you enjoy the benefits of enjoying your video calls from Jio and not be disturbed by low audio quality.

Another benefit of Jio is to offer the best features of Video Calls with Free to Air Multimedia. This service allows you to view your favorite videos without any delay when you are making the video calls from your phone.In short, Jio Phone will provide all the best features in the best way possible to make your video calls from the convenience of your home. And the best thing is the fact that it does not cost you anything.

You can download Free to Air Multimedia on your phone, which helps you to enjoy high quality and uninterrupted services. You can view your favorite videos in High Definition while making the calls from your phone.Jio also offers a wide range of music services to its customers through which you can enjoy your favorite music. The music services include music channels, FM radio stations, live streaming radio channels, movie channels, sports channels, TV channels, comedy channels and a lot more.

How To Avail Jio Free Services?

To avail the Jio free services, you just have to login into your Jio profile and choose one of your favorite services. Then click on “Add to My Preferred Services”. Once you have done that, you can enjoy the benefits of your chosen service from anywhere you go.Jio also gives you the option of subscribing to different entertainment services that can help you in getting access to your favorite movies, TV shows, news, weather and many other multimedia services in Jio. For subscribing, you can easily join their Jio Online Subscriptions. By signing up for their online subscriptions, you will get the benefits of unlimited video calls and other entertainment services.

In Conclsuion

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, Jio is also known to be the leader in the field of digital music. It provides you access to the biggest selection of music services and this allows you to choose which ones of the music services suits you. You can also enjoy the benefits of the video calls, which are available through their Video Calls facility. The videos are uploaded on their official websites and are provided with high-quality and uninterrupted services. The main purpose of this video calls is to make your video call experience comfortable, memorable and enjoyable.

“This copy of windows is not authentic” Error Fix

Error Fix

If your Windows XP operating system is damaged, you may encounter “this copy of windows is not genuine” error soon after you installed the new genuine Windows crack. When Windows operating system is damaged, it will cause a lot of problems to your entire computer. This problem will also make you encounter several errors and warnings because your computer may have some sort of problem.

Such problems may include a blue screen that makes the computer unstable and slow to run. Another problem that may occur is that Windows operating system may not be able to load your files and programs properly. These are just few problems that may occur in case your windows operating system is damaged and it cannot function properly.

These problems are usually caused by several different types of problems that can be encountered by your windows operating system. One of these problems is caused due to a virus. To avoid this problem, you can just go through the virus protection programs that are available on your hard disk. These viruses will scan your computer and identify the virus.

After the identification of the virus, you can just remove the virus and scan the computer again. You can also remove the infected files and programs from your computer by yourself. However, if you do not know how to do this, you can always take help from the internet.

Get Security Software

There are many online security software that is available online and you can download them for free. These online security software will scan your computer and remove the virus that is causing the problem. You should not forget that when it comes to repairing Windows operating system, you cannot do the repair on your own. You will need to use the correct software that is specially designed to repair Windows operating system.

To use such software, you should make sure that it has been developed by a well-known company. Most people just go with the free software without considering the risk of buying one. However, if you do not do this, you may be installing the wrong software and will make your computer susceptible to more problems.

Once you buy such software, it is important that you read the user guide carefully so that you get to know about the different types of errors that can occur with your computer. This will make your job easier and make you use the right software.It is also important that you follow the instructions carefully so that you do not make any mistakes when you start using such software. It is also important that you understand how to use the software so that you do not make mistakes while using the software.

Once you have installed such software, the first thing that you should do is to check the integrity of your computer. You should check whether the software is able to repair the system or not. It is important to see whether the software is able to fix the entire problem or not. In case, you are not able to repair the problem, you can try to repair the errors with the help of the manual in the manual section of the software.

Registry Cleaner software

It is important to use the Registry Cleaner software that will scan your computer thoroughly. It is also important to do a scan on the files and folders on the hard disk. so that you get to know which files and folders on your hard disk are causing the problem.

It is important to use such software on a daily basis. The reason behind this is that you should check the files and folders on your hard disk on a regular basis. It is also important to do this scan on a daily basis so that you can know the files and folders that are causing problems.

To make sure that you are doing the right scan, you should always do a scan once in every day. This will ensure that you are doing the right scans.

Different Webinar Software Platforms For Different Needs


The number of webinar software platforms available on the market today has been growing exponentially over the past few years as more people become interested in utilizing webinars for their business needs. Webinars are a great way to increase your customer base, as well as generating sales leads and generate interest in your products and services. Read this article to know deeper.

Webinar Software Platforms

The types of webinar software platforms available include full-service webinar platforms that can be used by a company to host its own webinars or hosted webinars for clients and partners. A full-service webinar platform allows you to host webinars for yourself, or for clients and partners, without having to purchase or maintain the hardware, software and related infrastructure. You can also check out list of best webinar software from the highlighted text.

An intermediate and professional webinar

An intermediate and professional webinar platform allows you to host webinars for up to 5 attendees at a time. These platforms allow you to do a variety of different things with your webinars, including allowing your participants to post comments and engage in live conversations with other members of your audience. Many webinar platforms provide recording tools for future use, as well as web-based training and support. Some also offer an automated solution to video transcription and voice recognition, and some offer a virtual whiteboard.

For A Beginner

A beginner’s webinar platform allows you to host your own webinars for your customers and partners. This platform may only allow you to host one or two events at a time, but it is generally inexpensive and easy to set-up and use. You may need to pay for the actual webinar hosting, but many of these platforms come with templates for you to build the webinar content yourself, without paying for webinar hosting.

For more complicated scenarios

For more complicated scenarios, there are webinar software platforms that provide a full-service solution for hosting multiple live events. These platforms allow you to choose the type of software that best suits your needs, including the ability to custom-design webinar content and even integrate it into your website or mobile apps. A professional or intermediate platform will also allow you to integrate your webinars into your business application and marketing campaigns through third-party services, including Google Analytics and Salesforce.

What You Are Looking For

If you are looking for a webinar software platform that offers a hybrid approach to both hosting and teleconferencing, you should look for a platform that allows you to create, record and edit your webinar content through your own web browser. or an online editor. If you are still confused about what a webinar is, you can read it on webinarcare.

You should also consider the tools that are included in the webinars that you host. There are many webinars that provide the tools for a live chat, while others provide automated email or chat support, such as LiveChat and Zoom. If your webinar will be hosted using an online chat platform, such as Skype or Yahoo Messenger, you’ll want to check the webinar platform that provides this functionality, as these services are usually free.

Webinars for business

Webinars can be an effective tool for your business, as well as being an easy way to interact with your existing and potential customers. While there are several different types of webinar software, finding the right solution can be difficult, but there are many webinar software solutions available that provide both the features that you need to run a successful and enjoyable webinar, and ones that make your presentations easy to view on your website or mobile device.

No matter what type of webinar your business owner plans to run, there are several features to consider when choosing a platform. The first thing to consider is the type of webinar that you plan to host. Different platforms may only allow you to host one or two events, but they can come highly recommended for multiple-use purposes, including setting up and editing live webinars. You can also visit gotowebinar to learn how to give webinars for your business.

For some businesses, hosting multiple webinars can be more cost-effective than buying separate webinar platforms. Webinar hosting is often very affordable and easy to set-up, so there are often many options available that can help you host a high volume of live events without overwhelming your budget.


With so many options available for premium webinar software platforms, you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and budget. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, there are many reputable platforms to browse on the internet.

Different Video Baby Monitors – What You Should Know

Baby monitors are essentially designed to ensure that babies get enough rest and sleep; however, not all baby monitors use the same technology. Some utilize the use of a video camera to catch baby’s every movement, while others are more advanced, capable of recording sound and video. There are also some that have a touch screen for easy monitoring, which makes the process of watching a baby monitor much easier. In this article, we will be looking at some of these types of baby monitor.


Most baby monitors used today come with a single purpose – to give parents peace of mind, especially when first-time parents. These are basically the most common baby monitors on the market and are widely available. All of the monitors reviewed here broadcast both video and audio, allowing parents to keep an eye on their baby, even if they cannot hear the baby’s sounds because it is asleep. They usually have audio in low volume and video at medium, which makes them more comfortable to use while sleeping. Some even let parents see pictures of their babies via a live feed and even have the ability to play music to calm them down in between naps. All of the above features are meant to make parents more relaxed because they have a better sense of control over their baby and allow them to do other things while their baby sleeps.


There are many other features in video baby monitors that make them different from other products in the market. While most have only a single channel, some of them offer two or three. This allows parents to use the channel that is best suited for their baby, whether it is video or audio. It is also important that parents are able to adjust the sound volume for their baby so as not to disturb him or her too much. Also check Best Baby Monitor 2020 and Best Baby Walkers 2020.


jiofi.local.html: How To Log in To JioFi

One of the most used devices today is the JioFi. In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how you can log in to JioFi and configure its settings. That’s very easy to do once you access jiofi.local.html on your web address.

But before that, let me first introduce JioFi for those who are new to this device.

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What is JioFi?

JioFi is portable wireless broadband or WiFi that was developed by Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. It can let you access the internet on mobile or computer. It is powered by a Jio sim card which is also available once you purchase this device.

JioFi allows you to connect up to 10 devices and one USB. It also provides a 4G internet speed and creates a personal hotspot.

If you just bought JioFi, this post will be helpful to you.

jiofi.local.html: Log in to JioFi

When you buy a JioFi, it has a default username and password. These login details are the ones you will use to access JioFi settings and configure it. But for you to do that, you need to log in to its web-based interface. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Turn on your JioFi and connect your preferred device to it.

Step 2. Open your browser and type “jiofi.local.html” in the address bar.

Step 3. You can see a button for Login. Just click that.

Step 4. Enter your default login details that are usually written at the back of JioFi. The default username and password for most of JioFi’s devices are both “administrator.”

Step 5. Once you enter those, click OK and you will see the web-based UI for JioFi.

Once you have logged in, you are now able to change your username and password as well as access its security settings.


Did you find this article useful? If you are using JioFi for a very long time, then you might already how to login and configure JioFi settings. But if you are a newbie, we hope this article can make you convenient in any way.

If you experience any problem logging into JioFi, do not hesitate to ask us. You are free to use the comment box below and we will try to answer you to the best of what we can. We Want Your Soul

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Fritzbox Router?

Fritzbox Router?

A lot of people are wondering what disadvantages of Fritzbox routers are. If you’re thinking about getting a new wireless router, it is important that you understand what these disadvantages are so that you can avoid them. If you do not understand the potential problems, you might end up having to replace your router in a short amount of time.

The first disadvantage of using Fritzbox is that there are a few downsides to the fact that it takes up a lot of space in a small area. It can be difficult to find a good location for one of these routers. If you plan on installing one in your child’s room, they should not have more than four of them in any room. If you do purchase more than that, they will take up too much space.

The Biggest One Yet

One of the biggest disadvantages of using the Fritzbox wireless router is that you cannot connect other wireless devices such as laptops to the system. These routers do not allow you to access the internet through your laptop. There are many people who are not able to connect their laptops because of this. You might want to make sure that you only have a laptop in your home or office if you plan on using it for business purposes.

Another disadvantage is that it does not allow you to control the volume on your computer. Some people may be able to use this router with their music player and their sound card. Others may need to turn off all other sound devices before they can use the router.

What More?

If you are planning to put the Fritzbox router into your business setting, there are a few disadvantages that you should know about. The biggest one is that it does not work well with a firewall. This means that even when you have a secure network in place, your computers will be unable to access the internet. If this is the case, you will have to connect to your networks using a router that has an ethernet port. Ethernet ports are not affected by firewalls at all. Also check fritzbox 7490 log in.

Another disadvantage of using the fritz box router is that it does not allow you to access your network using WEP. Although this type of router was designed to work with wireless networks, it is important to know that it also works with the older wireless networks that do not have WEP enabled. When using the wireless networks that have WEP enabled, it will not allow you to access your network on a secure network.


Information About Kerela lottery predictions.

Kerala lottery is a initiative launched by the government of Kerala over 53 years ago. Brought forward by the finance minister of Kerala state government P.K. Kunju Sahib since the year 1967. It was an implemented scheme by the government of Kerela to provide job opportunities to the unemployed and also for the government to gain economic stability. Because of this initiative, the public have gained and benefited a lot of opportunities


Kerala Lotteries has a website to provide you with all sorts of information related to the online kerela lottery.

The latest version of the Kerala lottery prediction (5.7) was launched on July 26, 2020. As expected, this game is very addictive and there are many players who spend countless hours playing. Lotteries are also considered one of the best ways to earn money and get high payouts and win huge amounts of prizes as well.

Although some people may think that lottery games are merely a scam, that they have nothing to do with winning and it is just a ploy for people to earn money, this doesn’t actually hold true. There are a number of lottery games like the lottery games, scratch cards, video slots, black jack, bingo, blackjack, etc., which offer exciting gaming sessions for people who enjoy playing the games. In addition, there are also some great benefits of playing these games like getting free tickets and also get to win huge amounts of prizes in return.


These games have a very large jackpot prize and these jackpots vary from one lottery games to another. These jackpots are usually spread out among players and the odds for winning are not really that high. The payout in some cases may be much more than winning just a single ticket. If you are one of those who really want to play these kinds of games and have been interested in finding out if you are a winner of any lottery games, there are many reliable websites on the internet who help you get all the information regarding the various lottery games and the winners who are waiting to win the jackpot prize.

You may not believe it but there are thousands of websites that offer these kinds of online lottery games and they make it easier for people to play these online games for fun and for free. Even if you want to play the actual game of lottery, there are sites who give information on how to play this online game without having to pay a dime or play the real game. These games have their own rules and you will not win every time so don’t get discouraged if you lose.


The best thing about playing these games is that it is fun and provides you with a lot of excitement and enjoyment and it is also considered one of the best ways of making money while at the same time playing a game that is considered as one of the best sources of entertainment as well. So, get ready to start enjoying the game of lottery.

Latest Kerala akshaya lottery result

The seven daily lotteries are Pournami lottery, Win-Win lottery, Sthree Sakthi Lottery, kerala akshaya lottery result, Karunya Plus lottery, Nirmal lottery, and kerala karunya plus lottery results on Sunday,Monday,Tuesday.Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday respectively.

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How does CIDCO Lottery work?

CIDCO Lottery 2019

Everyone deserves a home of their own. That’s why we take every opportunity to win an affordable home through CIDCO. If you wish to check the latest updates for CIDCO, keep tuning in this page.

cidco logo


CIDCO or City and Industrial Development Corporation is an Indian city planning agency established on March 17, 1970. It initially aims to shift the increasing population in Mumbai to a new location now known as Navi Mumbai.  

CIDCO also operates other areas Maharashtra state namely: Aurangabad, Nashik, Latur, and Nanded. The said planning agency was successful in implementing projects from Neighbourhood-One (N-1) up to (N-12). It also offers housing projects in Taloja, Kharghar, Kalamboli, Ghansoli, and Dronagiri.

Cidco Building

How does CIDCO Lottery work?

The planning agency only offers affordable housing to two income groups which EWS or Economically Weaker Sector and Low Income Group. These flats have carpet area starting from 25.81 to 29.82 sqm.

What are the requirements to be eligible for the lottery?

Of course, we will not skip the requirements. To not waste effort in time make sure you belong to any of these two groups:

EWS Applicants

  • Family Income Should Not Exceed Rs. 2.5 Lakhs (Annually) for EWS Category
  • EMD Amount is Rs. 5000

For LIG Applicants

  • Family Income Should Not Exceed Rs. 2.67 Lakhs (Annually) for LIG Category
  • EMD Amount is Rs. 25000

How to apply

  1. Go to,
  2. Click the “Register” button and fill in al the registration information
  3. Once registered, login using your your registered account.
  4. After logging in proceed with your application.
  5. After successfully finishing up your application, you may now pay for the application fee.

That’s it! You’re on the list. Just don’t forget your application number and wait for the judgment day(draw day).

Kerala Lottery Results Today

Trying your luck at lottery? Well, Kerala Lottery draws out number combinations seven days a week. As a matter of fact, it is one of those lotteries in India which provided daily lotteries—from Monday to Sunday. Further, this is available on various states with each having designated schedule. It covers the region of Sthree Sakthi, Win Win, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal State, Karunya, and Pournami. 

kerala lottery

Since the drawing of numbers happen everyday but on different states, you might want to get updated with the Kerala Lottery results today. It can be for the reason that you want to establish patterns or to avoid numbers which have been picked already. Anyhow, you can keep track of the result below.

Find out Kerala Lottery Results Today

As mentioned earlier, Kerala Lottery operates seven times per week. Each day is assigned to a different state. To expound on that, Pournami’s day of draw is on Sunday, Win-Win is during Monday, and for Tuesday, it’s Sthree Sakthi.

Meanwhile, Akshaya is scheduled on Wednesday and Karunya Plus during Thursday. As for Friday and Saturday, the lottery is designated at Nirmal and Karunya respectively. Every draw has its corresponding prize. 

Kerala Lottery also runs several seasonal lotteries. These happen on Christmas season, summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam and Pooja. 

They usually conduct drawing of numbers at 3:00 in the afternoon. So, if you’re waiting for the lottery, make sure that you don’t miss out that time. But in case you do so, you can still check out different site to download results of the lottery. Further, the state published the results at their official Gazette. 

In case you have the winning combination, just surrender your lottery ticket within 30 days. Failure to do so will automatically lead to the forfeiture of your prize.  

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So, what are you waiting for? Try out Kerala lottery now and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next lucky winner! 

How to Activate Chase Credit Card Online []

Are you looking for ways on how to activate and verify your Chase credit card online? I assume you have just gotten your card for the first time. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you the entire procedure on activating your card in just a few minutes.

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There are two ways to activate your Chase credit card. We are now in a digital world so most of the transactions can be done online. But if you are non-techy, you can dial Chase’s hotline number and call the company.

Since you are reading this, you might be looking for a way to do the activation online. So, here’s how it is done.

How to Activate Chase Credit Card Online

These are the steps on actiavting your card. I recommend you to read and understand the process carefully so you will not face any problem while doing it.

  • Please make sure you have a reliable internet connection so there’s no interruption while activating. Failure registration attempts can also lead to pending verification.
  • Open your preferred browser and access Chase online.
  • On the address bar, type in
  • Sign in using your email address and password that you used when you register.
  • After signing in, click the “My Account” tab and activate your card from there and save.
  • Wait for 24-48 hours to activate your card.

If in case you encounter problems on activating your card, you can contact Chase customer service via hotline or email.


Activating your card online can sometimes be risky. It is important that you are using the internet privately. Also, you need to secure your username and password so no one else can access your account.

If you have questions, please let us know in the comment section below. We will try to help you with whatever we can. – We Want Your Soul Team